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Elevating Constituent Service to a Higher Platform

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ConstituentON™ Back Office is a lead-component of ConstituentON™ Software (COS). COS was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. COS offers an expertise that extends far beyond traditional software development. The company is owned and managed by lead partners with accomplished backgrounds in business, entrepreneurship, technology development and design, marketing and advertising, financial operations, public policy and government relations, and who have had the high honor of holding elective office. In addition, our company has joint partnerships with programmers, IT specialists, staff liaisons, marketing and graphic designers and sales partners representing all 50 states.

COS software was developed with input from former elected officials, government staff professionals, and business experts. It was built to meet the ever-increasing need by legislators and all elected officials for user-friendly technology that streamlines constituent service and maximizes ongoing constituent interaction and outreach.M

Seamlessly collecting constituent data, ConstituentON™ Back Office software allows users to track and tag EVERY constituent interaction, take advantage of a real-time response capability via an integrated email marketing system, and create additional efficiencies through the software's multi-reporting functionality.